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Staying motivated in the New Year

Ah, the New Year.  Time for a new outlook, a new you.  Each year everyone goes into the New Year with the greatest intentions.  “I’m going to eat better”.  “I’m going to lose weight”.  “I’m going to stick to an exercise regimen”.  And unfortunately, for many of us, within a few months we have either… Read more »

Nutrition & Exercise

Eating Around Your Exercise Schedule The food you consume before and after your workouts will determine your actual workout and growth following. It is known that food is a source of energy, and energy is definitely what you need to exercise. So it makes sense that you consume some fuel source prior to your workouts…. Read more »

The Benefits of Exercise

During our lives, the more we demand from our bodies – our muscles, heart, bones and lungs – the stronger and more physically fit they all will become. It is key to remember that when we do not keep active with out bodies then they begin to deteriorate. The benefits of physical fitness are both… Read more »