Staying motivated in the New Year

Ah, the New Year.  Time for a new outlook, a new you.  Each year everyone goes into the New Year with the greatest intentions.  “I’m going to eat better”.  “I’m going to lose weight”.  “I’m going to stick to an exercise regimen”.  And unfortunately, for many of us, within a few months we have either given up or lost our motivation to accomplish our New Year’s resolutions.

So how do you stay motivated?  “What can I do to actually achieve my goals in the New Year?”  Everyone is different, and everyone is motivated by different things and in different ways.  These are a few tips that help keep us motivated to eat FIT, live FIT, & be FIT.

No. 1 Make it Convenience

Find a gym/park that is convenient in terms of location. It should be a quick walk from where you sleep, work or study almost every day. This makes it a lot easier to develop a routine. The hardest part of working out is actually getting inside the gym. It becomes a lot less painful (and a lot harder to make excuses) if it’s a block away.

If you just can’t get motivated to get out of the house, invest in the basics for a quick at-home workout: an exercise mat and some free weights. Even if you do fewer crunches, lunges, and bicep curls at home, it’s better than skipping out on your workout altogether.

No. 2 Do What You Enjoy

Choose exercises/activities you enjoy doing. The enjoyment may come from trying to out-lift the guy next to you, joining a running club, trying a new exercise class, or doing a definition routine to see sculpted results.  No matter what, do something you enjoy.

No. 3 Make A Good Playlist

Whatever it is that turns you on or gets you up for a workout, do it.  Whether it be heavy metal when maxing out, hip-hop or dance when you’re running, or, if music’s not your thing, listen to a podcast or lecture.  There’s nothing worse than going through an hour-long workout in silence.

No. 4 Find A Gym Buddy

Having a friend to work out with makes you more apt to stick to your fitness plan. So do it.  It’s easier to hit the snooze button or skip a day when it’s just you, but much harder to leave someone at the gym or at the track.

No. 5 Keep A Record

Keep a log of your workouts. There are great apps for iPhone/iPod Touch that make it really easy for you to keep track of your workouts or runs.  You can also bring a weight-training journal to the gym if that’s more your style. Some people like to take pictures of themselves every month to visually keep track of how far you’ve come and what areas you want to focus on next.

No. 6 Set Goals

Small steps. Keep in mind that it’s easier to implement a behavior and lifestyle change by doing it one step at a time.  Set attainable goals that are realistic for your situation and body. Write down this goal in your workout log/journal, and once you’ve achieved it, write down your next goal. The goal doesn’t even have to be an organized race. Whatever it is, define it, write it down and revisit it daily.  Come in to Fit Blendz and we can help you with creating a plan and goals.

No. 7 Change Your Routine

Switch it up. After a certain period of doing the same workouts over and over again, your body will adapt to the routine and hit a plateau. Mix in low-intensity days with high-intensity ones. Look online or around the gym for new exercises to try. Most gyms offer group classes in everything from yoga, to spinning, to hip-hop.  Let us know what your goals are and Fit Blendz can help put a routine together for you.

No. 8 Schedule It In

Make time for it. Stop telling yourself that exercising is an option. It is a necessity that your body craves just like it does food, sleep and sex. Build in an hour each day to your body. If you convince yourself you’ll fit in a workout some time after that last meeting, once the kids go down for a nap or when your spouse arrives home on time, failure is certain. Use technology like daily e-mail reminders, workout journaling websites or iPhone applications to keep you on task.